What we do

Water Shortage South Africa was established to raise the awareness of water shortages in South Africa and to facilitate the resolution of this unsatisfactory state of affairs via multiple initiatives from grass roots to national levels.

We currently have four projects being implemented that address the causes of water shortages in South Africa:

  1. Public-Private Growth Initiative (PPGI)
  2. Independent National Water Regulator
  3. Water Lions
  4. Edupack

These initiatives address and unlock the causes of water shortages through the implementation and proliferation of the “Paradigm of Abundance” as opposed to the current very pedestrian and outdated “Paradigm of Scarcity” that limits solutions and economic growth.

We thank you for your interest in addressing our country’s water shortages and would greatly appreciate any financial support that you can afford.

Press Releases

Public-Private Growth Initiative media briefing by Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

Director General of the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Leaders of business affiliated to the Public Private Growth Initiative (PPGI)Senior government officials Members of the media Good morning, Thank you for attending this briefing, which is the...

Water Shortage South Africa join the Public-Private Growth Initiative (PPGI)

We have good news for South Africans after two years of strategizing, planning and engaging with government and water industry stakeholders. We have managed to elevate water to a national priority sector in the newly announced Public-Private Growth Initiative, so that...

Media / Articles

R10 billion lost every year to water leaks

R10 billion. That’s how much taxpayers’ money is being lost to water leaks every year. The Water and Sanitation Department admits its efforts to curb the waste haven’t worked. Allegations of mismanagement have dogged a project aimed at leak detection, leaving hundreds of youths in limbo.

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Media / Interviews

Crisis proofing water reserves in SA

To mark Water Week Michael Avery of Classic Business had a round table on 19 March 2019 with water experts to discuss “Crisis proofing water reserves in SA”. Panel guests included our own Benoit le Roy, CEO of Water Shortage SA and Prof Tony Turton, water strategist who had an opportunity to speak about how the PPGI partly answers the question…

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eNCA report - March 17 2019

South African water quantity and quality under threat, as supply cannot meet the demands of increasing population, and much of the water we do have is being lost to wasteful use, leaks and theft, costing taxpayers R7 bn per year. Half of our waste water treatment works do not meet required standards, and a third are in a critical state. The untreated effluent is being returned to our rivers and dams, contaminating the water that will be used as a base for our drinking water. The solution is not one silver bullet – but rather many partners coming together to lift us out of the current water crisis.

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