What we do

Water Shortage South Africa was established to raise the awareness of water shortages in South Africa and to facilitate the resolution of this unsatisfactory state of affairs via multiple initiatives from grass roots to national levels.

We currently have four projects being implemented that address the causes of water shortages in South Africa:

  1. Public-Private Growth Initiative (PPGI)
  2. Independent National Water Regulator
  3. Water Lions
  4. Edupack

These initiatives address and unlock the causes of water shortages through the implementation and proliferation of the “Paradigm of Abundance” as opposed to the current very pedestrian and outdated “Paradigm of Scarcity” that limits solutions and economic growth.

We thank you for your interest in addressing our country’s water shortages and would greatly appreciate any financial support that you can afford.


Coming up

Benoit le Roy to deliver keynote speech at the SAPOA conference in Cape Town on “The State of Water in SA”
20 June 2018

Meeting with a potential sponsor in Cape Town
21 June 2019

Sustainability Week Workshops at the CSIR
24-26 June 2019

Benoit le Roy to deliver master class on water at TUKKIES in Pretoria 27 June 2019 in Pretoria

IFAT trade show and Conference key note speaker and panel “trail blazer” on Water Shortages in SA at Gallagher Estate 9 to 11 July

Business Unity South Africa presentation/workshop in Johannesburg on the need for an Independent Water Regulator

Ongoing consultation to international PhD students




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