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Tito tackles the water crisis

Benoit le Roy of Water Shortage SA says establishing an independent water regulator will unlock much-needed investment. “Regulatory certainty is important for industry, investors and the economy at large, as water is a fundamental economic enabler. The price of water has also been escalating way over 10% for the past decade, making water pricing a disabler to investors, much like our high energy prices,” he says.

Le Roy proposes that the independent water regulator should be modelled on similar lines to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa. One of the important functions of the regulator would be to ensure that the cost of bulk water storage and production would be determined by the independent water regulator instead of the department, which would “reduce unnecessary costs currently passed on to the consumer in a way that makes it difficult for industry to budget and household to plan”.

• 6 September 2019

Suid-Afrika sit op 'n water tyd-bom

Benoit le Roy meen dat mens nie ‘n goeie krisis verlore moet laat gaan nie. Sodra mense die bedreiging besef sal hul oplossings vind. Nico van Burick • 23 Mei 2019

Why South Africa needs an independent water regulator

Opinion by Yamkela Ntola, water and environment portfolio manager for the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse and Benoit Le Roy, chief executive of Water Shortage SA • 2 May 2019

Roelf Meyer is back – and trying to help save SA’s economy

Roelf Meyer is back – and trying to help save SA’s economy
Rebecca Davis • 30 January 2019

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