You can help solve the water crisis in South Africa and you don’t need to be a water expert.


Donations to Water Shortage SA

South Africa’s rapidly increasing population, urbanisation and fully allocated surface water makes for a very challenging situation where our country’s water scarcity is the single largest economic disabler. We have been established to mitigate this dire situation and require funding to carry out our mission.

There are many reasons that attribute to this growing water crisis in South Africa. Climate change has affected water supplies within the region and made traditional forecasting and planning more difficult. Rains that usually come and supply the country’s water are now more erratic, often resulting in droughts on the one hand and floods on the other.

Unaccounted for water in South Africa is at an unsustainable 37%, so this is water that mostly leaks through ageing infrastructure at municipal level, stolen to a lesser extent and/or not billed. The city of Johannesburg reports their unaccounted for water at 41% and the city of Cape Town at 14,5%. So serious underinvestment in our water infrastructure for several decades has left us with one of the least efficient water delivery systems in the world. Our surface waters were fully allocated already in 2002, now with a significantly larger population and no additional surface water available to dam in SA, alternative supplies are required that follow circular approaches that are reuse and desalination. For this we need serious educational awareness at all levels and the development of an appropriate national water strategy that we still do not have. We are developing our Edupack school programs that require urgent funding to get to the institutions of learning.

Water Shortage SA aims to tackle these problems and we need your help in funding us to find permanent solutions to the Water Shortages we face in South Africa. Every cent you donate goes to creating a safer and more efficient water future for South Africa. We thank you for whatever you can afford to help us mitigate our country’s induced water shortages

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