OUTA and Water Shortage SA have joined forces in asking for an independent water regulator (IWR) to be created in South Africa. The IWR will regulate all the activities of government and the private sector to make sure that the efforts to secure South Africa’s water future are prioritised and priced correctly.

The team drafted a position paper outlining reasons for the creation of an IWR. When one considers that we already have a regulator for electricity (NERSA) and for communications (ICASA), it makes sense that a critical resource such as water should receive equal oversight. The good news is that Government has already included the establishment of an IWR in their plans – we now just have to make sure it happens, and contribute where we can to the structure and content of such a body.

Please refer to the IWR position paper issued by the OUTA/Water Shortage team on 16 April 2019

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