Water Shortage SA core team members

Caroline van Saasen


 Caroline is a mother of 3.  She grew up in the aptly named Hoopstad, Free State. She has a passion to change our country and a love for water and her fellow human beings.

Caroline started the Water Shortage project when she saw the need to help drought-stricken towns. She persuaded travelers to bring water from holiday, dropping it off at towns on their way. The story was picked up by the media and the rest is history.

Water Shortage SA has grown, but Caroline remains the philosophical and financial conscience of our movement.

Benoit le Roy

Chief executive officer

 During 35 years in the water business Benoit has started, grown, merged and fixed many a company. The last 10 years have been focused on developing alternative waste and water management practices.

With diplomas in business management and chemical engineering he believes that facts are our friends.

Sustainability is top of his agenda, using his skills to build the pillars of good governance and collaboration in the water sector.



Dr Anthony Turton

Environmental Strategist

Anthony is a 12th generation South African, the product of a country that has been in transition for 350 years. He seeks to understand and apply the cumulative wisdom of those twelve generations to contemporary challenges.

Because the limits of current developmental approaches have been reached they will have to change radically if we are to meet our growth and prosperity goals. 

He also believes that shared natural resources can become engines of growth and a way to heal divisions of the past.

Jacques van Schoor

public relations

My father inspired me with a love for water. Wherever he went he would make sure there was at least a borehole, if not a dam. Today I still drink the purest water from one of his boreholes. I am deeply concerned that the next generation will not know what that feels like.

It is therefore my duty to contribute my experience as brand strategist and coach to help secure a water future for South Africa. I hope to find and share the facts and stories that will touch hearts & minds.






Cornè Swan

Educational Advisor

People know me as Blouvrou. I am a full-time teacher with a passion and vision for education. I use my love for the environment to bring people together.

Water has always been important in my life, so it made sense to complete an Honours degree in Hydrology.

When the call to “donation-stations” rang out in 2015 I offered to add structure to the process by designing the very first website for Water Shortage SA. I continue to live by my motto: Be the change.

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