Video interviews

Lessons from the Millennium Drought in Melbourne, Australia by former Minister of Victoria Prof John Thwaites and Dr Anthony Turton as interviewed by Bridgetti Lim Banda

Interview with Julius Kleynhans Operations Executive from OUTA and Benoit le Roy discussing the need for an independent national water regulator

Interview with Prof Anthony Turton on The Emfuleni crisis

6 August 2018


The systemic failure of the entire water reticulation surrounding the Vaal River disaster

eNCA report

March 17 2019

South African water quantity and quality under threat, as supply cannot meet the demands of increasing population, and much of the water we do have is being lost to wasteful use, leaks and theft, costing taxpayers R7 bn per year. Half of our waste water treatment works do not meet required standards, and a third are in a critical state. The untreated effluent is being returned to our rivers and dams, contaminating the water
that will be used as a base for our drinking water. The solution is not one silver bullet – but rather many partners coming together to lift us out of the current water crisis

The Future of Water

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